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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Should Have Known From The Beginning

I usually pre-type my blogs elsewhere and then just copy them here.  So after I typed the below blog and logged into blogger and saw Jennifer's Valentine's Day picutres of Andrew - I realized it is Valentines Day.

This is not a blog for Valentines Day - this is just an "any other day" blog - sorry.  The Davis' just don't do Valentines Day so I forgot it was even today.  So here is my non-Valentine's Day blog.

Jordan is a special kind of kid. Her personality seems full of contradictions. And I won’t EVER tell her this (unless she reads this in a few years which is highly unlikely), but most people tell me she’s their favorite.

I did not say she is my favorite – but other people say that. Of course my “favorite” changes a few times a day depending on the kids that day.

Jordan is very motherly. I mean VERY motherly. She has such concern for when people are hurt/sick/sad.

Example: When Taylor was getting her blood drawn, being the drama queen she is, and she let out a scream – Jordan ran to the door and yelled boldly “Don’t hurt my sister!” She then looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked why the doctor was hurting Taylor.

On the other hand. Jordan is malicious.

Example: When Jordan was about 2 she used to take Taylor’s monkeys and hide them (If you know Taylor you know she was/is addicted to those things! Like some kids with a pacifier or blanky) and smile and as Taylor ran around crying and trying to find them.

Jordan is very obedient and polite. She most always says please and thank you. A good 95% of the time if you ask for help she runs to your aid. She really does love to help.

On the other hand, Jordan is mischievous. If your back is turned it seems to be her goal to do as much as she can that she is not supposed to do before you turn back around.

Example: Jordan found a permanent marker and hid it under her pillow. During nap time she proceeded to color many things in her room. I found her artwork after nap – I found the marker under her pillow a few days later when changing her sheets along with a couple of crayons, one of Taylor’s favorite toys, some chapstick.

When looking at some old pictures though – I realized there is one thing that has never changed. When Jordan is happy there is no tearing her down. She will laugh and smile at you no matter what (rather frustrating when putting her in timeout and she boldly states “I’m not going to cry” as she sets herself in the corner). However, when she’s grumpy OH BOY IS SHE GRUMPY! She’s not really a whiner like Taylor when she’s in a bad mood – she’s just grumpy.

Jordan a few months old (Just woken up by me taking pictures during nap time)

Jordan a few months ago (Not sure why she is grumpy here since I borrowed this picture from Beach Grandma)

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