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Monday, February 20, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #15

What do you want to teach mommy and daddy?

Jordan: I want to teach mommy and daddy and Taylor the dinosaur I made.  Its scary and spooky-booky-booky.

Taylor: Um, that karate.  I mean kung fu. I know a lot of kung fus - I know a kick and anything.

What is your favorite bible story?

Jordan: My favorite bible story is when daddy read his bible story (Justin reads from the bible to the kids a couple times a week)

Taylor: The Egypt one.  It happens in Egypt Jesus puts out all the animals that can fight the people and cover the town.  With frogs and bugs.

Who is Jesus?

Jordan: Jesus is baby Jesus.

Taylor: Jesus is um the God who watch us everyday.

What do you do if a stranger talks to you?

Jordan: When he sees me he wants to bite me. The stranger tries to get me with his hands and I bite him.

Taylor: I run away to mommy because I don't know where you are because the stranger comes to me if he sees me with no mommy. And yell and scream and hit them and you and daddy will call the police officer so they can take the stranger away that has me.  And you have tell the police officer my name so they don't think I'm a stranger too.

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