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Monday, April 2, 2012

Around the Table

I realized that I have posted twice now on Taylor specific conversations and have not really done the same with the other kiddos.  Elijah and Jordan have their moments of saying/doing silly things, but Taylor’s are more articulate and therefore easier to share in written text.

I would need to make a video and show you the things Elijah does say…especially the “say” part.  I mean he is developing his words still so it sounds like babble half the time.  Jordan says funny things, but usually the funny things she says are so funny because of her facial expression or stance when saying them.

However, in an attempt to provide you all a glimpse of a night with my family I will give you a little bit of us all here.

I try to ask my family every night what the best part and worst part of their day was/is.  It intrigues me to see their personalities shine through their answers.

Taylor’s Answers
Taylor answers usually consist of the best part being an event in the day.  She is especially fond of days she feels like she was a “good girl”.  She proudly tells me how well she cleaned up or what a good helper she was.  On her less then favorable days I think she just tries to butter me up and tell me the best part about today is when I’m home (it works). Taylor’s worst part about the day usually revolves around tattling on her sister (which we stop abruptly – I remind her that Jordan will have her turn, but now I’m asking about her day – not Jordan’s) or if she got in trouble within the last 30 minutes or so she talks about that situation with her infamous pouty lip.

Jordan’s Answers
Jordan’s best part of the day 90% of the time is in response to food.  She usually says something like “My best part of the day is eating dinner!” (or plug in lunch/breakfast).  She occasionally gives specific food items that she ate throughout the day.  Occasionally (and only if Taylor goes first) does she mention something she did during the day.  Jordan’s worst part of the day is a much more fun experience. Rarely does she actually have an answer.  What typically happens is Taylor takes that time to chime in and try to tell us what Jordan’s worst part is.  Like mentioned before we try to stop Taylor from talking and let Jordan tell us something.  Jordan however, then looks at Taylor for the answer and so they try to “whisper” to each other…like Jordan cheating off of Taylor.  I love that they think we don’t notice.  In the rare circumstances that bring Jordan to answer on her own, Taylor often “corrects” Jordan and tells her the real bad part. Usually Jordan’s answers are just the opposite of her “best part” of the day (like my best part is eating, my worst part is not eating – no really she says things like that) Here is an example of what may occur if Jordan answers for herself and in this example Jordan probably just said her favorite part of the day was playing play doh:
Jordan: My worst part about today is not playing with play doh
Taylor: No your worst part about today is when you got in trouble for coloring on the wall!
Jordan: oh yeah!

And for one thing that Jordan said last night not at all related to this blog ::while Justin and I watched tv after the kids were in bed::
Jordan: Mommy, you need to turn the tv off because me, and Taylor, and Elijah are sleeping and you are being too loud.

Elijah’s Answers
Elijah doesn’t really answer, but he get’s so excited when it’s his turn.  He waits patiently and no matter what mood he’s in as soon as we get to him he instantly lights up with a huge smile on his face.  Both him and Jordan repeat the question before answering which I find interesting.  I remember being taught that in 3rd grade – which you are supposed to do it.  I have never taught my kids to do it so I don’t know why they do, but it’s pretty cute none the less.  So I actually have no idea what Elijah’s answers are.  He is pretty clear now when trying to communicate with us, but he says one word every time (for both best and worst part of the day).  It’s always the same word, but I have no idea what it is.  Although it sounds like Santa.
Me: Elijah what’s the best part about your day?
Eli: bess par day esss SANTA!
Me: What’s the worst part about today?
Eli: woss par day esss SANTA!
Both answers said with a smile on his face and pure excitement.  Whatever “Santa” is makes him very excited every day haha.

Justin and My Answers
Now our answers are far less interesting and I only note them because it is a learning experience for the kids.  When Justin, for example, says his worst part of the day was the kids not being good listeners so he got frustrate the kids react to that.  Taylor realizes her bad attitude caused daddy to have a bad day and she responds to that - usually with pouting, but we just tell her its ok now and she can apologize to daddy for her attitude.  Or when I talk about a long/rough day at work the kids get a glimpse into my world outside the home and see outside of their bubble.  They also get to hear how proud we are of them or how much we love/cherish them since usually our best parts of the day revolve around them.  Justin’s could be that they were such good listeners that day and that made him very happy or mine could be that I love being home and having family time.

So this is what you would typically see at our house around 6:00 PM.  I highly recommend (if possible) setting aside family time to just ask these types of questions.  I do it at dinner since we all get to sit together anyway – might as well make it more productive and save time to do other things with the family.

And don’t worry, tonight you will still get the Tay and Jay blog – look for an Easter themed thing though.

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