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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #21 (Easter Edition)

We don't do the Easter Bunny at our  house so that may explain some of the answers...but apparently they haven't grasped the concept of the whole resurrection yet either.

Tiffany Garnica - What does Easter mean to you?

Taylor: Easter means when its time for Easter.  Easter is when you find the eggs that have things in it.  Like prizes.

Jordan: Easter means when you spit out food.

Tracy Fox - Where does the Easter bunny live?

Taylor: Inside the door where people are just wearing a costume.

Jordan: Easter bunny lives in a bunny hole in eating a carrot.

Celeste Nuffer Lavacot - Why do you think Easter bunnies lay eggs?

Taylor: I don't think it lays eggs.

Jordan: Because they gonna have babies in there.  In the eggs.  Like little kids.

Robert Webster  - What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Taylor: The Egg...but there's no chicken in the egg, just prizes in the egg.  Like candy in the egg.

Jordan: Egg. Because the egg  not a hot dog.

What's going to happen on Easter?

Taylor: The bunny comes out for all the 3 year olds and 4 year olds and 5 year olds.

Jordan: The dinosaur eats the Easter.

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