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Monday, April 30, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #25

Tell me a story about a princess.

Taylor: A princess called me, Taylor.  Once upon a time there was a princess, me Taylor, and some one was trying to find me.  His name was Harry Potter.  He saved me and found me.  He took me away from the bad castle, but mommy couldn't find me so she killed the prince, but he comed back alive.  We went to the castle fast enough so I can get my baby.  My little baby.  And her name was Darla.  And she didn't like Alphalpa.  But princess Connor, I mean Prince Connor was trying to marry me so he can have a baby but he couldn't.  And then he hit me in the face and then he just tried to laugh at me because he hit my face really bad.  And then he went and hit my face again...all over again.  And then he married me after all.  The End.

Jordan: My princess is all pink because I love.  My princess got lost with a witch. Then the witch took her to witch house.  Then the house broked off. Then there got fire. Then the cookies broke.  I said the cookies broke off! Then they go to a new witch house.  Then nothing else happened. Then the witch got a little cookies, pink cookies, on the house.  Then the witch don't know how to get down.  Then bad guy comes and find the witch house, but he couldn't know how to do it.  The princess colored on the princess house.  Then a guy don't know how to build with bricks.  But the princess goes to her princess house and she throws the witch away.  The End.

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