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Monday, April 23, 2012


Up until COLLEGE I was saying Kindergarten and spelling it in my head as Kindergarden.  No Joke!

I had NEVER written the word out or even seen it spelled out for that matter so my idea of how it was spelled was based on what I heard when people said it – and what I heard was Kinder-Garden.  It’s embarrassing I know… especially since the way I learned I was always saying/spelling it wrong was when I was writing a paper my freshman year about how I wanted to graduate and be a Kindergarden teacher. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out why Word was putting a red squiggly under the word until I actually looked at the spell check to see my error.  What a great teacher I would have been… HA!

Any way, that was not my intention on writing today.  I actually don’t think I’ve ever sat down with the intention of embarrassing myself, it just happens.

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking about what’s going on with Taylor.  Here’s the word humming bird (SHOUT OUT to my Bye Bye Birdie cast peeps – Have you heard about Hugo and Kim?!)

Wow, I’m all sorts of distracted today.  So back to Taylor.

Here are the three options we have in the order of which we would prefer, or at least I would prefer.  Not that Justin and I don’t agree, but we haven’t talked too much about what we prefer, but that anything is better then option 3.

#1 – Price Elementary: Dual Immersion

This is close to us and I could drop Taylor off in the morning on the way to work.  AND there is the Salvation Army right across the street that has afterschool care for her for only $80 a month!!! So I could also pick her up on the way home and not use up extra gas money!!  She would also get to learn Spanish which is awesome AND a few of my coworkers have kids going there for Kindergarten too so I know we’ll have a group of people to help the kids along the process.  We have a meeting next week to get put on the official waiting list and they will start telling us within the next couple of months if she gets in.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS – That she get’s accepted into Price Elementary and that we can afford the $80/month for afterschool care by the time that comes up.

#2 – Laurel Elementary: Brea School

This is a good school in Brea also on the way to work.  The downside to this is that we would still need to come up with $150 a month in gas money for Justin to pick her up everyday.  We have had several people offer to help and I do greatly appreciate it.  Really I do.  It is just another example of what amazing friends we have, but it’s an offer we can’t accept.  If we can’t do it on our own then what happens if one month the friend/family that offered to help is unable to help for any reason – we still have to be able to get Taylor to school.  Our paperwork was turned in the beginning of this month and we should start hearing in May/June. Our prayer for this is that if #1 does not work out and #2 does that we will be blessed in ways that we can afford the $150 a month in gas money.  We don’t know what that looks like, but we do know it does not look like getting cash aid from friends and family.

#3 – Palm Lane Elementary: Horrible School

This is the school I am hoping she does not end up at.  As of now that is the only school she is “accepted” into since it is her district school.  No prayer for this one other then that she doesn’t end up here and instead in one of the other 2 schools.

So there is an update for those of you who were asking.  Thank you for your prayers and any more prayers to come!


  1. Are any of these private school with tuition? Dual immersion school sounds awesome!