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Monday, April 16, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #23

How do your eyes see?

Taylor: they have seeing stuff.  Because you have eyeballs.  Because these things behind the glass in your eyeballs make the glass so you can see and then there's blood under here to hold your eyeball up.

Jordan: My eyes see with ice.

How does your nose smell?

Taylor: Because it has air in it and air goes in my nostrils.  Because they smell because you try to sniff and then they smell you and they can smell anything like poop in your babies diaper.  And also there is old poop like diarrhea that you can smell with your nose.  So stinky.

Jordan: My nose smell like butterfly.

How do your ears hear?

Taylor: Somebody speaks and this little hole - the air drum - helps me hear. Get it?

Jordan: My ears hear horsey sounds.

How does your mouth taste?

Taylor: Because it has a tongue and taste bums taste it.  Its called taste bums.  When you are really small and you go inside somebodies mouth its like mountains sprouting.  And if you are really tiny then its like hills.  And if you put your shoe on your tongue it is like Yuck.  And if you are tiny you can fall down the throat. 

Jordan: My mouth taste like candy.

How do you feel things?

Taylor: Because your hands have skin and your skin feeeeels.  Get it. Feel HA!

Jordan: I feel the movies.

How do you remember things?

Taylor: You remember things with your brain.  because your brain puts it in your brains head - inside it - and you remember and its in your forehead.  That's your forehead above your eyes.

Jordan: I remember things with numbers.

How do your fingers bend?

Taylor: Because they have these bending things that help them bend.  but they can go straight and if you make them straight they have little straight lines on them. 

Jordan: My fingers bend like this ::holds up fist::

What are feelings?

Taylor: Feelings are sad, angry, and also when you get angry you shake stuff and stomp.  That means you get really angry.  Sometimes when I get really angry I get sad and start crying.  because I want ice cream because everyone likes ice cream. Children really like ice cream.  When I'm grown up I will know when its ok to have ice cream because it has a lot of sugar. I forgot about happy. Woops!

Jordan: My feelings are when daddy spanks. And when daddy loves me. My feelings are just getting hurt.  I love you.

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