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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Easter Weekend

We had a very busy Easter weekend, but it was still fabulous.

To start I have to say our “weekend” started on Wednesday since that’s really when the business started.

So here it is…

I got up at 5 AM to get my butt kicked at the gym by Neya (my body hated me and yesterday was actually the first day I wasn’t in pain).  After work we headed straight to church for AWANA and Youth.  Right after AWANA/Youth we had our final choir practice for Easter and we got home around 9:30.

Not a crazy morning, but Justin did have a horrible day with the kids so it probably felt significantly longer then it was.  I got a call around 4:30 I think asking if we wanted to head out to Riverside for a surprise party for Rachel the next day. Justin then had worship practice that night for Easter morning so he left right after dinner and got home around 9:30.

Good Friday.  I got to work from home – that was nice.  After nap time we headed to Riverside and sat in 2 hours worth of traffic, but arrived at Scott and Rachel’s right about 5 PM.  We surprised Rachel around 5:45 and stayed for dinner and hang out time.  From pure exhaustion and an early morning coming we left around 8:30 (I think).

Up early for breakfast and getting the kids dressed.  We headed to Discovery Science Center (the cube) for “Bubblefest”.  We were late and there was a huge line so we almost missed the show, but one of the employees let us in through a side gate.  The show was actually pretty awesome and the kids loved it.  After the show we let the kids play with some of the hands on bubble exhibits. 

Then we headed to Huntington Beach to meet Beach Grandma for an Easter Egg hung at the lodge.  The kids had a great time with crafts, food, and of course Easter Eggs.  We left around 1PM and headed home for a nap…the whole family took a nap (minus me who stayed up to clean while the house was quiet – the house needed it). 

After nap we just hung out until about 8PM and Sam came over to play Small World with us until about 11PM.

Up even earlier this morning to get ready for church.  We got to church at 8AM for choir/worship practice and the kids practiced for their song for the congregation as well.  We headed to Sunday School and then had our service after that.  The kids wore some adorable new Easter clothes made by Beach Grandma. 

Right after church we picked up lunch for the car ride and stopped by our house to pick up the Ham for Easter dinner at my parents.

We went to Montclair and hung out with my parents, and grandparents (both sets).  My dad helped the girls make their cars for the AWANA grand prix and we set up our new (donated to us) tent to make sure it had all the pieces. 

It was a really nice tent.  We had dinner with a pineapple cherry glazed ham, caramelized onion mashed potatoes, potato casserole, green bean casserole, home made bread, and salad.  Yum!  My sister set up an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and we left around 7 PM so we could be home by the kids bedtime. 

All the kids crashed in the car on the way home and Justin and I barely made it home awake.

What an amazing and blessed weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone!!  Our savior is alive!!

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