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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To My (Incredible Awesome Bestest) Friends on My Birthday

I can seriously not express enough how enormously blessed I am.  I have THE best people in my life – it’s crazy! I sat down a week or so ago stressing about “debt”.  I know I’ve mentioned this stuff before, but Justin and I are working hard to get this stuff done and at times it’s depressing to live on such a tight budget – to have to say no to fun things and sometimes feel like we “can’t have” new things for us or our kids.  So I looked at our budget and felt overwhelmed.  We’ve paid off a lot and there is only $6,000 to go, but it feels like so far away still and I’m tired of feeling “left out” of life in a way.

But then I had a good reality check this weekend.  More details later, but I spent the whole weekend surrounded with friends that I adore.  And the best part is they love me too!  It’s an overwhelming feeling (but a good overwhelming unlike the above mentioned overwhelming) to know you have people in your life that love you and your family like you are part of their family.  I cherish my friends more then I could ever express and if I don’t say it enough… I LOVE YOU GUYS!  Today is my birthday and I have been showered with birthday wishes and goodies and I can’t help but think how “rich” I am.

I know…cheesy right?!  But seriously I would take my incredible friends over having a bunch of money any day.   My friends know me.  They tolerate my annoying habits and appreciate my odd self.

So to all my friends I want to say THANK YOU for making my birthday today special – and any other day we get to hang out awesome.  Seriously you are all such an incredible blessing in my life and I do thank God for all of you often.  I hope I can bless you all the way you have blessed me and my family.

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