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Sunday, April 1, 2012

"You Ruined Him"

I have to admit, age 5 has been my favorite so far.  I love observing Taylor's little mind form thoughts and theories.  It's quite fabulous what she picks up on and things she worries about in life.  I have decided to give you a taste of the types of conversations we have had this week:

::driving passed a yard sale::
T: Oh no! That mommy is putting her little girl's bed outside! Where will she sleep?
M: She just got to big for the bed so the mommy is going to let somebody else buy it.
T: When I get to big for my bed will you sell it?
M: No, we'll probably give it to Elijah
T: Where will I sleep?
M: We'll tell papa to make you a new bed
T: You have tools, why don't you make my bed?
M: I don't know how
T: Ok so will papa come over and play with us while he makes my new bed?
M: No he'll probably make it at his house
T: Ok then I'll go to papa's house and sleep in his bed while he makes me a new one.  I like sleeping at papa's house

T: Mommy, can we buy a house for me and you.  Then we can have Taylor and Mommy time all the time
M: What about daddy, and Jordan, and Elijah?
T: Ok we can buy a house for them...then they can have Daddy, Jordan, and Elijah time and we can have Taylor and Mommy time
M: What about when we want to have family time?
T: Ok we can buy another house for family fun time, and another house for brushing our teeth, and another house for cooking our food.
M: That's a lot of houses to clean
T: ::after long pause:: Ok we can have a clean house too

::while playing with playdoh::
T: Mommy I'm going to use the letter to make my name T, A, Y, L, O, R...can you find a 8 and 9 for me?
M: There is not 8 and 9 in your name, those are numbers not letters
T: No, but then it will be like the password for your computer! (FYI I changed the number part for "security" and its only the password to log into my computer so it really doesn't matter)

::while watching old school Land of the Lost::
T: Mommy, why does the dinosaur look all shaky...I think it's not real (even a 5 year old can tell bad quality tv haha)

::Taylor asked why a wash cloth last night and Justin explained to her that bleach takes out color and makes things white::
::as I scrub ranch out of Elijah's hair with the above mentioned wash cloth::
T: OH NO! Don't do that mommy.  You'll make Elijah's hair all white!
::she sees some remaining ranch and points::
T: IT'S TOO LATE!!!! You ruined him.

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