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Monday, April 9, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #22

Tiffany Garnica - What is the moon made of?

Taylor: The moon is made out of pieces of moon that have circles that are apart, but then they connect together to make a a full moon, or a part moon, or you can turn it and it makes a smile.

Jordan: The moon made of a puzzle.

Sam Welbaum - What animal is the worst pet?

Taylor: Um a bad dog.

Jordan: The animal worst pet is a cheetah.

Anelya Hardson - What did you enjoy most on Easter?

Taylor: Getting the stuff from Aunt Sarah that is special. And my best part was finding Easter eggs. ::points to the red squiggly line under the names on this page:: um mom, those are wrong.

Jordan: I love most about Easter when Sarah gave me bunny ears.

Mimi Wade - If you could be invisible what would you do?

Taylor: Um sneak up on Ali and I can say "Surprise!" and I'll have a shiny light and somebody will think its a flying night while I'm invisible.  Let me tell you something about being invisible.  If you hold something somebody will see it and think its flying.  That's invisible right?

Jordan: Be mad.

Shelly Carlstrom - if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? and why

Taylor: To a balloon festival where you can catch balloons and do balloon tricks like pop 'em.

Jordan: Go to the park because I love to watch movies with the bad guys and the whole world is bad bears.

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