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Monday, April 23, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #24

Brittany M:
What does a dentist do? 

Taylor: A dentist gives you shot.

Jordan: A dentist do nothing that you do.

How many stars are there?

Taylor: 100

Jordan: Little bitty stars.

 Whats your favorite holiday? 

Taylor: My favorite holiday is Spring I mean Valentimes day and Christmas and Happy Mother's Day ::hugs me:: That's the day when you get um...Valentimes day means you give your mom something special and you say Happy Mother's Day!

Jordan: My favorite holiday is Picnic Day.

Are your parents good drivers? 

Taylor: Yeah.

Jordan: Yeah.

 What is dads favorite thing to do?

Taylor: Dads favorite thing to do is cuddle with me.

Jordan: Daddy's favorite thing to do is playing a game.

 What is moms favorite thing to do? 

Taylor: Cuddle with me.

Jordan: Mommy's favorite thing to do is get corn eat corn.

What is the most fun thing to do ever? 

Taylor: Cuddle with Mommy.  Everyone loves to cuddle.

Jordan: My favorite thing I like to do is helping daddy get towels.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Taylor: I will buy stuff. Toys stuff.  Building toys.  But wait I forgot! When I saw building time in Elmo's word there was a big toy with a big hammer where you knock things down like you are building something.

Jordan: I would buy a kitty! And a Dog!

What is your favorite food?

Taylor: Apples and wait I don't like bananas.  I also like... I mean that's it.

Jordan: My favorite food is eating apple.

Jennifer Baker
What is your favorite stuffed animal and who gave it to you? 

Taylor:  My favorite stuff animal is my polka dot monkey and my beach grandma gave it to me.

Jordan: The doodle bear animal toy! Doodle bear gave it to me. I love my doggy Marley! Grandma gave me Marley.

What is your favorite word.? 

Taylor: My favorite word is SILENCE (she yelled it) because you have to really quiet and not talk because somebody says SILENCE (she yelled again).

Jordan: DOG word

What is your favorite reptile? 

Taylor: My favorite reptile is a T-Rex.  The biggest dinosaur in the world...what did you ask me? What is my favorite thing?

Jordan: My favorite reptile is a dinosaur, but dinosaurs scare me.

What is your favorite number? 

Taylor: 10

Jordan: My favorite number is L

What is your favorite board game?

Taylor: The one we play on the floor (Hulabaloo)

Jordan: Fishy Games.

Rachel Reed
Why do people need bandaids? 

Taylor: Because they got hurt.

Jordan: Because they hurt themself.  I don't like getting a shot or something. OW

Favorite song?

Taylor: Wish... I mean I won't turn left and I won't right...I will not stray from the path that is right...I will keep on seeking...I will keep on reaching... follow, follow, follow Jesus Christ.

Jordan: My favorite song is Cubbies, Awana Cubbies. (starts singing it)

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