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Sunday, March 22, 2015

10 Days To Go

With 45 minutes left of day 10 I will manage to hold up my end of the bargain by doing a 10 day random fact count countdown.  So you won't get anything special...its nearly midnight.

1. My rear end is a splattering of purples and reds...I'd show you, but that is just not appropriate.

2. Along the lines of the purple and red rear, Justin said something I found quite hilarious about the number of holes I current have residing in my poor tush, "It must be easier to get swiss cheese pregnant"

3. I'm beginning to ache from head to toe.  Usually that means I'm getting sick. I rather it be from the massive amount of pills and hormones I'm sticking in my body

4. I really like obsessively

5. I also really like Dr. Pepper and I almost always forget that fact until I drink some and remember how amazing it is.  It is such a great surprise every time.

6. If you've been reading my blogs long enough you know my feet are severely husband enjoys randomly wrapping blankets tightly around my feet just to watch me freak out...what a jerk

7. I spelled claustrophobic correctly the first time in #6...and I had to use spell check to spell it right for #7

8. I can only spell the word difficulty while singing the song from the lame movie "Matilda"...Misses D, Misses, I, Misses F F I, Misses C, Misses U, Misses L T Y (I hope somebody else aside from me knows that)

9. I used to be terrified of teenage I'm just mostly terrified of them, but I do love those Shoreline youth girls

10. This blog took me 5 minutes to write...I did not proof read...I did not spell check...I'm going to bed and I'll only realize my errors once you all start to point them out to me.

Until tomorrow...

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