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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

7 Days To Go

1.       I do NOT take a home pregnancy test.  I’m way too nervous to find out before the IP.  I’d rather hear from the Doctor. Most surrogates home test.  They are brave, brave people.

2.       A week ago a lady at church came up to me and told me congratulations… When I told her I wasn’t pregnant yet she said, “Oh, must be the shirt”.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  I just got called “fat”

3.       I was a little excited the above interaction took place…for the first time in my life I don’t look like I’m about to collapse any moment from starvation. 

4.       I REALLY like food.  I eat much.  Apparently being 30 and having 4 babies is finally making my body realize it should chunk up.  I may actually need to start working out and eating healthy and that is terrifying.

5.       Nachos are amazing, but only when topped with the fake gooey cheese and jalapeños.  Please keep real cheese and any additional toppings to yourself.  If I see a snack bar…my first reaction is always MUST HAVE NACHOS!

6.       I’m a gamer.  I love board games, computer games, and console games.  I love games that you can play for 30 minutes or games you can play for 6 hours.  I love dice and cards.  I love little figures and pixels.  However, when I have a choice… I will always choose blue...I will always choose 5...I will always play a healer…I will always play a human…and she will always wear the prettiest clothes (or at least non-ugly ones).

7.       Parents should NEVER do homework with their own kids.  I will do homework with YOUR kid, and you do it with mine.  There is something about homework that makes even the sanest of parents snap and become this horrible beast of a human that should never be near children.  I KNOW it is not just me.  Homework’s slogan, “Homework, ruining one parent/child relationship at a time. “

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