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Saturday, March 28, 2015

4 Days To Go

1. Funny story... I got a sunburn today.  Mostly my stomach is burnt and my belly button is not.  I'd show you a picture but that is scandalous, but Heidi can be my proof.

2. Speaking of Heidi, we spent our March date night out with Brad and Heidi trying Thai food for the first time.  The best part was Justin's dish was called The Crying Tiger, and I quote, "The tiger wasn't crying because he was in pain, he was crying because this tastes so beautiful" - Justin Davis (or something like that).  Also our waitress was a ninja, true story.  I also once ran over Brad with my car 5 times.

3. We followed dinner with a game, don't worry Sam, it was Settlers so you have not been betrayed.  Brad won, Justin ruins towers, and Alexis doesn't care.

4. I totally saw Easter bags full of Reese's Pieces today while at Target.  I bought 2 of them.  1 for Sam and 1 for Tiffany.  I almost just got 2 for Tiffany since Sam ate hers last year.  I only bought them at all because they told us a story about how Sam ate all of Tiffany's.  So thanks to Sam's thievery I remembered that story so I felt I owed him 1.  And that is why they will both get one.

4B. It really bothers me that I spelled out some numbers in #4 and wrote the other's out in number four.

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