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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Used To Want To Be A Teacher

Typically as I blog I imagine myself curled up with a blanket hunched (yes hunched, I have HORRIBLE posture) over a laptop with nothing but the sound of the keys as my fingers flail about haphazardly.    Maybe it’s a combination of watching Doogie Howzer and Sex in the City when I was home sick in High School.
I find myself at moments during the day mentally laying out what my next blog might contain.  Most of those never actually make it here because between church, friends, family and work this is not my top priority.
But today one of those thoughts came to mind as I left a conversation at work.  A conversation that just 6 months ago would have consisted of words that sound familiar but don’t actually mean anything to me.  A conversation that a year ago would have sounded like a completely foreign language.  I found myself thinking – HOW do I know THAT?  How am I at a mere (nearly) 30 years old, having no technical training or education, having conversations with developers and system gurus and understanding what they are saying?  HOW, with a Liberal Studies degree and a goal of teaching, did I end up here?  I image my life in parallel as a teacher (my goal) and a product analyst (my actual job) and I do NOT see a connection.
It is a series of non-eventful events that got me here.  This is not where I would have ever imagined ending up.  But man oh man do I love it.  My work here energizes me (most of the time).  It is difficult and forces me to dig deep and learn things I probably have no interest in learning.  It is long hours of research and fixing problems.  It is a perfect fit for me.
So even though I don’t know how I ended up here I am so very glad I did.  I get to use passions and skills I didn’t even know I had and now couldn’t imagine a job that didn’t let me do that.
And with that, I end this very boring blog that was written purely because I just really like my job and felt like expressing that sentiment.

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