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Monday, March 2, 2015

Toast Of The Wellingtons

So on Wednesday my dear husband turns 32.  If I don’t think too hard about it…I feel like I’ve known him for such a small amount of time of those 32 years.  If I think about it a little harder, I realize I’ve known him for 10 years.  If I think even harder I realize that we have friends that were not even teenagers yet when I met Justin (THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL OLD TOMMY!)
All that is not really relevant though.  Really all I wanted to tell you about was our night out celebrating the studly man I’m married to.  I told Justin we should go out with the Welbaums for his birthday.  And he’d never say no to time spent with his favorite person in life (it’s not me in case you were wondering –I’ve grown to accept that).  His one request for the night, he wanted to eat Beef Wellington.
When I told his favorite person this (if you don’t know, that is Sam), the comment was “I’ve never heard of anyone ‘really wanting to try beef wellington’ before”.  True Sam, so very true.  But we watch Hell’s Kitchen – because it’s fun to watch somebody yell at a bunch of idiots and throw things around a kitchen.  And in Hell’s Kitchen they make beef wellington.  And Justin always looks at the wellington and says “that looks good”. 
So the hunt began.  I found it surprisingly difficult to find a place that makes it.  I found it impossible to actually find a place that had it on the menu.  But alas, I discovered that if you are looking for a beef wellington, you are looking for a British Pub.  So a British Pub I found.  When we arrived the location was questionable at best.  You know the fancy “blue tarp” on the roof and curtains inside so dusty that when Tiffany touched them it rained dead skin and pollen (I think that’s what dust is made of).
But on the menu – beef wellington.
There were “safe” things on the menu, but since I was at a British Pub for the first time I figured why not go all out!  The boys ordered the wellingtons and Tiff and I ordered some other meat dishes with pastry.
The food arrived.  There was so…much...gravy on everything.  My food was delicious until about half way through when I stopped tasting the food and just tasted gravy.  Tiffany was a champ that managed to eat her food after carefully scraping the dragon gravy from hers (it was made with Whiskey that I am pretty sure was not cooked out at all and burned your insides something fierce).
The boys seemed to enjoy theirs and even started off the meal with a “toast of the wellingtons” (I stole this picture from Tiffany)

After dinner we needed something deliciously sweet and Tiffany began the hunt.  Her only job was to find a place with brownies and she knew where we would go.  We headed to Seal Beach to this bakery that has SO MANY BROWNIES.  Justin ended up with 2 brownies and a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with peanut butter fudge and topped with chocolate fudge. 
We walked to the pier, enjoyed our goodies, and had a merry ol’ time. 
I’m awfully found of my husband’s best friend and best friend-in-law.  Thanks for a fun night guys!

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