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Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Days To Go

1.       I am going to be 30 on April 17th.  I think my birthday means more to me because it was that day (now 11 years ago) that I fell in love with Justin.  If you forget the story go here and read it. 

2.       Along the same line as nachos being amazing…so is KRAFT mac n cheese.  You know, with the fake bright orange cheese.  I do NOT like mac n cheese with real cheese.  It’s disgusting. In fact, as a general rule I don't care for cheese unless it is white in color. 

3.       I HATE being in cold water.  I refuse to swim if the water is not at least like 80 degrees…maybe more.  Elijah is just like me.  I’m sorry I broke him.

4.       I LOVE drinking cold water.  GIANT glasses of ice with water filling in the gaps.  SO much ice I have to refill my drink every few gulps since there is barely any liquid.  I will drink tons of water if it is cold.  If it’s not cold…I will only touch it in severe circumstances.

5.       If there is a zombie apocalypse I will like just sit outside in the open and wait to be eaten.  “Surviving” sounds like WAY to much work…especially when the alternative is being dead and being in heaven.  Seriously, running from zombies and eating out of cans for years OR heaven…this is not a hard choice.

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