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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2 Days and 2 Babies

I realize that as far as MOST of you know, my transfer was last Thursday.  That is actually not what happened.
There were circumstances that pushed the transfer back a week.  To this week.  To this Friday.  And with an email today, I know this Friday at noon.

So how is everything?!
The 2 daily progesterone injections are slightly overwhelming (add that to other injections and some days I have 4).  I know it is only one more a day than last time, but 1 more a day…every day…and if you don’t know I have a really small rump…not much surface area to stab.  Needless to say, I’m sore.  At least I’m not as bruised as last time, so the actual needle insertion is tolerable most days, but the pushing of 1CC of medication into a butt muscle repeatedly is not a fun experience.  Not HORRIBLE, but not fun.  Justin is a rock star though and does an amazing job.

I’m tired, but that has nothing to do with this process and everything to do with staying up way to late.  I’m starving ALL THE TIME… l blame the hormones without any sound evidence that hormones increase appetite.  I’m too lazy to google it.
I had some crazy hormone emotions the first week of meds that made me cry over a pizza…a PIZZA! I’m glad that only lasted a few days.
I’m good.  I’m excited that this is all happening, but I am noticing a difference in my relationship with my IP (Intended Parents).  They are BUSY people so I have not had any interaction with them directly since I met them.  I have had a phone call and email from the translator, but that is it.
I’m ok with that, it just makes things different. It makes this seem more “transactional” on the surface which makes me a little uncomfortable.  As I’ve said before, I’m not doing this for the money.  I’m doing it to serve a family in a unique way.  No direct contact with them makes that a little more difficult as you can image.  So I’ll continue to pray for them and email them and try my hardest to show them the love of Christ through this.  I remind myself WHY they are doing this…I heard their story and saw their hurt.  They love each other, they love the children then do have, and they just have a deep desire for more and can’t do it themselves.  That makes ALL OF THIS worth it.  And for that reason, I’m excited.
AND for those of you keeping track, here is my updated schedule
March 20th: Transfer
March 22nd: Start 10 Random Facts for 10 day Count Down
April 1st: Pregnancy Test

Prayer Requests:
·         That the 2 babies being transferred live the lives God  has for them whether it be days long if they don’t stick or for years to come
·         That my bed rest doesn’t drive me completely crazy and I get the rest I am probably overdue
·         That my kids behave themselves as Justin handles EVERYTHING in our home for those 2 days
·         That my IP have a peace as they wait…what a stressful wait that must be!
·         That the light of Christ shines through EVERYTHING I say and everything I do when interacting with my IP
Click here for my Surrogacy FAQ.  As always PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact Justin or I if you have questions or concerns.  We are open and willing to share everything.

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