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Monday, March 23, 2015

9 Days To Go

In case you were wondering WHY I am doing this 10 random facts countdown I figure I'd tell you.  Because when I did this the first time I was impatient.  I could hardly contain myself as I waited until the pregnancy test day.  I did the countdown to distract myself (and my readers).

This time I'm doing it because I feel like its tradition.

1. I'm WAY to busy to be eat my food at my desk every day for a week...headset in listening to Celtic music busy.  But traditions are forcing me to spend 5 minutes away from my zen like focus.

2. Lots of stupid things bother of those is people walking down the street with a grocery cart and 2 bags of groceries in it.  Just carry the bags and stop stealing grocery carts... or get a little fold stroller to carry your bags.

3. I'm also annoyed by the guy in the electric scooter that rides around my neighborhood with no regard to others.  He will just cross the street all willy nilly (when the light is green for oncoming traffic) and then proceed to flip you off if you honk at him or get "too close".  I've had to slam on my breaks a few times to keep from hitting him.

4. Teenage girls terrify me.  Now that I have grown to love our Shoreline Youth girls so much I am only mostly terrified of them.  They all know this..I tell them.

5. IF I have twins I will be able to say "I've had 6 babies, only half are mine".  That's not nearly as impressive as some of the 3- 5 time surrogates I know, but it still sounds pretty cool.

6. One of my long time gaming buddies made a funny joke the other day.  He said I can tell people I'm having an alien baby... since they are technically "foreigners".  If you didn't chuckle at that shame on you

7. My rump is now constantly sore and not just a few hours after injection.  Its all day sore.  The sore you get after 10 days of 500 squats.  I don't know what the squats are like, I just assume it's similar.

8. Some of my coworkers are preparing to run some long race.  They are running almost every day...miles a day.  That sounds awful.  I'd rather keep doing injections then run..ever.

9. 9 is my husband's favorite number.  I'm sure I've told you that before. 5 is my favorite number, which I know I've told you before. When dating we joked about getting married on a date with a 5 and a 9.  That didn't happen.

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