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Thursday, March 26, 2015

6 Days To Go

1.       Gobstoppers make me smile.  Not because they are a particularly yummy candy.  Purely because going back to our dating years – Justin and I would play this very random, stupid game with them.  Where you close your eyes and the other person puts one in your mouth and you have to guess the color.  Green and Red are easy…all other colors I fail nearly every time.

2.       I am genuinely worried about the avocado on my desk. It wasn’t ripe on Thursday.  It is now ripe and ready to be eaten.  I just keep forgetting to bring in a slice of bread to make delicious avocado toast with.  This makes me sad.  And worried because by the time I remember to bring bread WHAT IF IT IS BAD?!

3.       I gagged while writing number 2 and thinking about an old/moldy avocado.  Mold is disgusting.  The mere mention of it makes me gag.  I seriously gagged like 10 times while writing this.

4.       Easter and Halloween excite me because my kids are still too young to realize we are eating like half of their candy.  Saving them from cavities and obesity?

5.       I floss my teeth twice a year…maybe.  I’m sure my kids don’t even know what floss is for that very reason. 

6.       I make my girls put on deodorant in the morning. They are 6 and 8.  Maybe it’s too young, but I’ve walked into enough 4th-5th grade classrooms during my “classroom observation days” and nearly fainted from the smell to be paranoid.  Very paranoid.  I don’t want stinking kids.  Mostly because of #3.  I’d gag.  A lot.

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