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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good News!

As I was thinking of the title for this entry I remembered this old movie I used to watch at my grandma’s about a donut man…

They had this song called good news on one of them that is now stuck in my head haha!

Anyway, here’s the scoop:

- My hemoglobin specialist called and said although my count is still low, its higher then expected for me and his recommendation is I do nothing. I like that!
- Ultrasound on Monday – baby is about 4 pounds and has caught up to what he should be!
- A good friend is in town and I get to see him!
- The main thing that I’m writing about today is the kid’s room though...

After my family baby shower this weekend I was able to piece together what it was that I actually needed. Luckily, it’s very little! I was extremely blessed by family and friends for this little boy. I know most people don’t even have a baby shower after their first so I was really appreciative of everyone that helped me have a wonderful shower despite the fact that it’s our third baby.

I was excited to be able to pass all my girly pink things to my little sister who is due May 10th (just a couple weeks before me!) so I knew it would be used.

I’m just waiting on the last few things to show up in the mail (some mattresses and bedding) and I think I’ll have everything in order! The rest of the little things can wait until little Eli is actually here.

I’ve decided (as long as my doctor will let me) to try and work longer. Instead of the typical one month off before taking 2 weeks (or 3) off instead. This will give me more time after the baby is born to enjoy him AND the extra boost of cash right before leave can’t hurt either! We’ll see what the doctor says at my next appointment (April 23rd).

That’s the news on all things baby I can think of. I have an AMAZING profile shot of the baby… once I figure out how to take a picture of the picture without it being all blurry or have a huge glare I’ll post it for you. I’m biased, but he has the cutest little nose!

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