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Friday, April 9, 2010

Her Broken Heart

Kids say things they hear from somewhere. It’s just sometimes I wonder where that somewhere is…

It’s not like my girls are exposed to TONS of people. They are at home, at church, and occasionally at MiMa’s (Great Grandma).

Here is one of those things that make me wonder where in the world…

Taylor: Oh No!
Me: What’s wrong?
Taylor: I ruined it
Me: What did you ruin?
Taylor: I ruined my bed
Me: (thinking she peed all over her bed or something go into the room to see her pointing at her bed rail) I don’t see anything.
Taylor: Here ::points to small dent:: I ruined it
Me: No you didn’t it’s just a mark in the wood
Taylor: No it’s ruined… my heart is broken
Me: Your heart is broken?
Taylor: Yes, my heart is broken, it (her bed) doesn’t love me anymore
Me: Taylor, your bed is fine and your heart is not broken
Taylor: My bed is ruined and my heart is broken. I’m sad, I’m crying.

What the?!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness - so dramatic! I love it :)