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Monday, April 26, 2010

What A Nice Person

Last week Justin took Taylor with him to worship practice – one of her favorite things to do. On their way out Taylor was saying goodbye to everyone so Justin told her “Taylor, you’re a nice person”. There was some very humorous conversation after that, but since I was not there I do not know if this is completely accurate:

Justin: Taylor, you're a nice person
Taylor: I is a nice person
Justin: That doesn't make sense
Taylor: I is make sense

Needless to say, Taylor now refers to herself as a nice person. If you ask her what kind of person she is she will tell you “I’m a nice person”.
A couple of nights ago Justin was helping at a Youth All Nighter with Sam so it was just us girls. She was being her usual pushy/bossy self with poor Jordan and I asked her “Why are you being mean to Jordan Taylor? It’s not nice.” To which Ms. Sarcastic (although she doesn’t realize it yet) stated, “I’m not a mean person, Daddy tell me, I’m a nice person”.

If only I could tell Jordan, “Don’t worry, the minor abuse from your sister doesn’t matter, because Daddy says she’s nice”

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