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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing Of My Own - Written 7/14/09

This (along with one other post) are oldies from my old blog I felt the need to bring over...

I may have forgotten what it was like to enjoy a cookie or ice-cream of my own.I don't remember the feeling of a car with no cheerios stuck between the cushions.I vaguely remember a time when I could sprawl out on my bed and not worry about being pushed or moved. It has become a common occurrence to roll over around 4 AM to get a big whiff of a urine drenched diaper in my face. My daughter has become a pro at sneaking in our bed in the middle of the night undetected (Thanks a lot Tempurpedic and the no bounce!!!). She curls up in the corner on my side of the bed by my pillow, monkey in hand, thumb in mouth, and sleeps. If it's not the smell of popcorn (Pee smells surprisingly like popcorn after sitting in a diaper for awhile) its a foot in the face from my flailing daughter. She's worse then her dad; when it comes to sleeping still she fails epically. She steels my blanket and knocks it on the floor, she dominates my pillow, and if she so chooses she will slowly push me off the bed. I know, I'm bigger then her, but there is something about looking at 4 AM on the clock that makes me not want to get out of bed to put her back in hers. I think... if I get up now I'll just fall asleep right before I have to get up again. So I take it like a champ and push her to her Dad's side of the bed and enjoy my last two hours of shut eye.

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