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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kisses and BooBoos

Jordan has come into the time in her life where a kiss makes all of her booboos go away. I wish this carried on for more then the year or so it does, but I'll take it while it lasts.

What I LOVE about this phase for Jordan is that she asks for kisses by giving kisses.

Say Jordan gets her finger squished by Taylor running around (a common occurrence in our home). Jordan will approach you while "kissing" the air and hold her hand out for you to kiss. It makes me smile every time.

I wanted to get it on camera, but not sure how to "force" that moment without her being hurt and for some reason stepping on her hand just for picture doesn't seem quite right :)

For now, I'll just enjoy that the little kisses make everything better... until she realizes it still hurts after!

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