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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Best Number is 5

I’ve been delaying this post (I say delay but its only 2 days late – that’s not THAT bad). I have a reason for delaying though! Granted it’s not a very good one, but its still a reason. I just haven’t had any time to get pictures off my camera to my computer to post and a birthday post isn’t the same without pictures.

However, since it is now 2 days after her birthday and I know I won’t have any time tonight I’m going for it without pictures. I’ll post pictures later when I talk about what we actually did for her birthday.

My big girl turned 5 on Wednesday! Holy Cow! I don’t know what this feels like such a big deal to me, but it does. I feel like 5 is one of life’s milestones like 18.

For Taylor’s 5th birthday she got a special surprise (blog post coming about that soon). However, there are other “events” in her life that are triggered by this big day in her life. Here are things we always said all our kids would experience starting at the age of 5:

- She gets to go to the Christian Book store and pick out her very own bible
- She gets to pick an “activity” like dancing or karate or gymnastics to be part of
- She gets to start Kindergarten (well that’s a few months away)

I think I’m as excited about this season of her life as she is if not more so. She had her 5 year old check up and here are her stats:

Height: 46 ½ inches (98th Percentile – She’s super tall – the doctor thought her chart was wrong until she walked in the room and saw her)

Weight: 38.6 pounds (40th Percentile – Poor girl is going to be tall and lanky just like her mom – and I don’t think my little drama queen will handle the teasing well)

She’s doing all the things she should be doing for her development except tying her shoes – the doctor actually said most kids now don’t know how to tie shoes since most shoes don’t have laces anymore.

Taylor got 2 shots to prepare for Kindergarten and she still needs blood work done, but I didn’t want to it all on the same day.

With all that said – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAY TAY!!!

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  1. Wowie! They're all getting so big! It's kinda hard to believe that Taylor is 5 already. Nice to read this update, and look forward to seeing all of you soon!