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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Selfless Act

A few weeks ago I came home from work to see this scene:

Elijah standing on the kitchen table hands in the air saying “up” to me when he saw me. Taylor yelled “I’ll get it!” as she sprinted across the room to the kitchen table. Before I could even react to the situation Taylor was standing on a kitchen chair pulling Elijah off the table.

She’s a pretty strong girl and can carry Elijah around pretty easily, but in this circumstance she was standing at the edge of the chair so she lost her balance. I watched her little 4 year old body twist so that she hit the floor and not Elijah.

She landed hard on her back with her leg stuck in the legs of the chair.

She rolled Elijah off of her and gently laid him on the ground. With tears in her eyes she looked at him and said “are you ok Buddy?!”

Elijah smiled and got up and continued merrily on his way. Taylor then turned to me with tears now streaming down her face, “Mommy I hurt!” She began to sob and I scooped her up. She had a bruise developing on her back from where she hit and a small bruise on her leg where it got stuck in the chair, but she was ok.

I told her she was very brave to try and save Elijah and I was very proud of her, but next time she should tell Mommy and Daddy.

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