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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I think I’ve sort of touched on this before – sort of.

But I’m going to start with a sort of story. Back in High School I was a drama geek. A proud drama geek. One of my favorite moments actually was “surprising” people with my drama side. Not saying I was drama (although I kinda was a little bit of drama queen when it came to my interactions with my parents).

You see (or pretend you see) pretty much everyone’s first impression of me was the “quiet shy girl”. I played that role well at school. I came to school for school’s sake. I came to go to class and go home. That’s what’s for right?

I didn’t strive to be popular or have a lot of friends. My close friends were in my church family – and that is where I let my real personality shine – at church – where people didn’t “judge me” (Yay we all know that’s a lie, but it’s how I felt anyway).

I did however, have this love and passion for the stage. I shouldn’t say did have, I still do. I love being on stage. I love memorizing lines. I love becoming a different person for that short time. It’s exhilarating!

::Insert quiet moment to reminisce and miss being on stage::

SO when I started doing school plays – and not just being an “extra”, but lead roles it shocked people. How can this shy, quiet girl handle being in front of a ton of people all loud and exposed! And that was fun.

That is not really why I’m writing though. Thinking of my drama days reminded me of a field trip we took with our drama class my senior year. We went to Cal State Fullerton and visiting some acting workshops. One of those was about auditioning for a role. The teacher said – “You have to make an impression”

He told us a story about auditioning for a commercial. Everyone knew the lines and most people said the lines well. So he knew he had to make an impression so he’d be remembered. He did the part like the 20 people before him – but when he finished he leaned back in his chair and fell over. Why? To make an impression. The people watching chuckled and moved on, but you can bet they remembered that audition and a few days later he got a call for the part.

What kind of impression do I leave? That is why I’m writing today. I sat chatting with a woman at work and we walked away from each other I thought “she leaves a good impression – I leave feeling that she cares”. I hope I leave that kind of impression. I don’t want people to get that shy – quiet girl impression that I so proudly accepted when I was in High School. I want to leave a deep lasting impression on people. I want people to walk away from conversations with me and think “She cares”.

I hope those impressions lead to “call backs” so I can tell them WHY I care – because HE (My Jesus!) cares. And for those that already know me I hope those impressions express to them and remind them that HE cares and therefore calls all of US to care.

That’s it for today. Much heavier then I usually try to make it, but a thought for you too chew on nonetheless.

Haha…heavier…chew on… It’s like a “weight” joke all up in there

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