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Monday, January 23, 2012


I think as we get older we forget about how things hurt. I don’t mean forget THAT they do hurt, but the way that kind of “hurt” feels.

Like pulling out a baby tooth. I don’t remember what is what it felt like. I remember that it hurt, but I don’t know how the hurt felt.

I swear this isn’t totally random. I mean I’m sure you all know kids and/or toddlers that are insanely clumsy like mine and have blood coming from some part of their body nearly daily – whether it be a scrapped knee or bloody lip.

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling well so I did what any good mom would do… I locked the kids in the girls room (with me of course) and laid on Taylor’s bed as they played (hoping to fall asleep). Taylor and Jordan decided I needed to be “fed” so they pulled out the new baby feeding toys Taylor got for her birthday and proceeded to hold the fork/spoon up to my mouth and tell me “Eat your corn mommy”, “Now here’s a strawberry”.

Since I was still feeling super icky I told them I didn’t want any to which Taylor said “Mommy you have to try it – you might like it!”

Can you argue with her logic? Well no since those are the exact words I tell them when trying to get them to eat something.

So I said fine and pretended to take a few bites. Taylor brought the fork up to me for the 500th time – I’m not going to pretend I know exactly what happened but this “bite” made it to my mouth instead of just in front of my mouth.

The problem is, although it was a play baby fork, it didn’t make it in my mouth it made it directly into the middle of my top lip. I winced in pain and told Taylor to be careful – she hurt mommy.

She said sorry and the kids kept playing. A minute or so later I realize I’m tasting blood and go to lick my top lip. OW! She had peeled back a big chunk of skin/lip with that fork jabbing and what was left was a dangling piece of lip and exposed tissue. OUCH!

It seriously took me about half the day to get over the pain enough to eat anything, but at least today it feels fine.

All that got me thinking – My kids bite their lips or run into something for a busted lip a lot… It hurts a lot more then I remember. I now have a little more sympathy for their whining about their owies. But only a little

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