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Monday, January 16, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #11

What is your favorite place to go and what do you like to do there?

Taylor:  Disneyland. My favorite thing to do there is go on Cinderella ride.

Me: There's no Cinderella ride.

Taylor: But I thought there was.  My favorite is the Peter Pan ride! You have to get the alligator and hit him on the nose!

Jordan: I tooted! My favorite is the park! I go with my friends and play at the park. And Buddy and Daddy and Taylor go with me. And I like to go to... I can't tell you!

How do you make cheese?

Jordan: I make cheese with mama!

Taylor: Maybe you can make cheese with ice cream.

Why are boys and girls different? 

Jordan: because I go in mommy and daddy's room and buddy goes in his bed.

Taylor: Because a boy has short hair but a girl has long hair.  Only boys wear shirts and pants and only girls wear dresses.

How old is mommy, daddy, papa (grandpa), and popo (great grandpa)? (in that order)

Taylor: you're like 55, kinda like 54-5, like 54-5 eaches 12, like 55-3 plus 10 - 4 - 5

Jordan: 3, 4, great!, great!

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