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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Perfect Picture

We had a guest speaker at work today during our “Staff Meeting” (pretty much chapel).  He was a Korean pastor and that is only relevant because of a funny joke he told:

He took a picture of us and told us he loved taking pictures – and not just because he’s Asian

It made chuckle.  His whole talk was about “pictures” and how he loves taking pictures because he gets to look back on old pictures and remember something significant.  He gets to remember a phase of life, a story, or a moment.

He then asked us what picture we would take if we could take any picture of Jesus.  What one moment in his life would signify the most to us?

He mentioned a few like calming a storm while on a boat, sitting and playing with children after he scolded his disciples for shooing them away, or even his last moment on the cross.

Although these are all great moments – and there are significantly more its not the one I would choose.

The picture that would be most precious to me today (knowing this changes during different periods in my life) would be his moments in prayer before he was arrested and later crucified.

I picture this perfect man crying out to God the Father – knowing what is about happen must happen, but still with the hope that it didn’t.  This is my Christ.  The man who bore the price of all of the crap we do in our lives not because he was FORCED to because he CHOSE to out of the pure love that he has for us.

This is the picture I would take and cherish.  And now that I’ve been thinking about it all day I sure wish I knew how to draw so I could draw it and hang it up in my house… I may need to enlist one of the awesome artists in my life ::gently nudges Chandra::

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