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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I know its quite a few months away, but I was recently reminded I need to start trying now to get Taylor in a school I want her in.

Issue #1 – All the schools in my area are very poorly rated schools ranging from 2-3 out of 10 “stars”.

Issue #2 – The school in our district she is supposed to go to is one of the lowest ranked ones and only 2 “stars”.

Issue #3 – Because all the schools in our area are crappy a lot of parents are trying to get their kids out making it even more difficult to get a district transfer.

Issue #4 – To make a “good” excuse for a transfer I need it to be a school I work close to (which is a GREAT!!! School)

Issue #5 – If it’s a school I work close too that makes a 30 minute commute for Justin to pick her up

Issue #6 – That pick up time would put it right around lunch/nap time making that time (already the most difficult part of his day) even more frustrating

Issue #7 – Option 2 is to have the school provide child care (or a local preschool which means I have to pick her up and hope I can schedule my lunch the same time everyday which is unlikely) – that costs $400 a month.

Issue #8 – It costs less money (less then child care) to put her in a really good Christian school (that doesn’t include childcare).

So my prayer: A raise that or some other suprise income that will make up for $400 a month I need for after school childcare OR her tuition in a Christian School. Start praying people!

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