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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Trip to Neverland

Taylor wanted a Peter Pan birthday so off to Neverland we went.  You wouldn't know you were in Neverland by the looks of things - but we were there... I swear.

The party was scheduled at a park for today.  I planned the party as a couple weeks before as I sat in nice 72 degree weather.  What this means of course is it had to rain... and foolish me didn't realize it was supposed to rain today until Kenny told me at work "It's supposed to rain on Saturday, what are you doing for Taylor's party?"

So THANK YOU to Kim Newmeyer for getting me the Children's Center at Church open for me with just a few days notice.  I actually think having it indoors in a very kid-friendly room was really nice.

The kids got to decorate their goody bags, get pirate tattoos, make Indian headdresses, fill jars with pixie dust, and "fish" with mermaids.  That is about as close to the theme as it got - but with lots of imagination it was totally Neverland.

We had 16 kids show up and they all seemed to have a pretty good time at all the different stations plus running around like mad - Taylor being as bossy as ever of course (I keep telling her people won't want to play with her if she stays so bossy - but for now the kids she plays with deal with it).

Taylor was particularly glad to see her friend Allie (she's known her since she was born and they are less they a year apart) so we were super glad the Edmundson's were able to make it.  We had some new faces there too. Well not "new" because we know them, but "new" because we don't see them on a regular basis.

After the party a few of us headed to Stonefire for dinner and had a great time while stuffing our faces with great food.  I know you may not believe me when I say "stuffing our faces" but really...if you've eaten at stone fire you know that is how you must eat.  Yum!!

Overall it was an awesome time.  Thank you to all of our special friends and family for joining us to make the day special for Taylor.

Enjoy some pictures of the day/night:

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