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Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Extended - Twice Removed - Not Really Related - Family

On Saturday I woke up around 9 AM thinking – I feel like we should do something today around 10 AM.

Without really knowing why 10 AM stood out to me, we decided the Zoo was the place to go.

We got ready to go to the Zoo and were minutes from leaving when I got a call from our good friend Tracy (Aunt Tracy) letting us know she would see us soon… OH NO! We had an appointment at JCPenny at 10 AM!

I grabbed a change of clothes for Taylor and we headed out the door to meet them. Luckily the studio had some problems in the morning so by the time we got there, they had just gotten ready to see us (their cameras were locked up and nobody had the key!)

We did a combo session. The Fox’s had some family pictures then Taylor had her 5 year old photos. Taylor was a lot more photogenic then usual. I mean she loves being in front of the camera all the time, but she usually gets this scary serial killer smile. This time (most of them) were normal smiles.

Quinn (5 months) found the lights and decorations far more interesting the camera lady trying to get his attention, but the Fox’s still got some really good pictures (at least I think so).

I won’t post theirs – because that could be a littler weird – especially without asking first. But I will post the one of Quinn and Taylor. Because Taylor HAD to have a picture with the baby.

I am also realizing how many “Aunts” and “Uncles” my kids have (the not real ones that is)…

The Oldest and actually the ONLY one we have referred to as “Uncle” – The kids just started adding the “Uncle” and “Aunt” to everyone else’s name on their own:

Uncle Sam – The upside-down maker

The Oldies (not old like gray hair and broken hips, but old like since their birth):

Uncle Kenny and Aunt Tracy – The new baby maker(s) (FYI Taylor asked me for a new baby yesterday and I told her that she can borrow Kenny and Tracy’s baby to which she responded “well they need a girl baby then”)

Uncle Travis – The ultimate gift giver (Seriously! For a dude with no kids he KNOWS my kids and they are always super excited about the gifts they get from him)

The Newest Additions (these people are making their way to the Aunt and Uncle of the kids lives – so they still get the title only about 50% of the time)

Uncle Rob and Aunt Tawni – The future in-laws (Jordan knows it – she just has to convince Sammy)

Uncle (Pastor) Matt and Aunt (Mrs.) Kim (Taylor has deemed them Uncle and Aunt, but since they are also Pastor and Mrs. she usually says “Uncle Pastor Matt” and “Mrs. Aunt Kim”)

I really do adore my “Sisters” and “Brothers” and so thankful for the love they have for my kids and my family. I’m happy to accept my children deeming you “Uncle” and “Aunt” and I hope you all enjoy Taylor’s new pictures:

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