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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Plan to do Nothing

If you would have asked me on Wednesday what my weekend plans were I would have told you absolutely nothing but sitting at home and relaxing.
I’m not a liar, I promise. Well I guess technically I am a liar, but in this scenario I did not lie to you. We just had an unexpectedly super busy (super fun) weekend.

On Friday night we headed to the Key’s house for burgers and games. Despite the 2 hours stuck in traffic to make a 40 minute drive we had a great time. I’ll say it again, but it is nice to be able to just relax with friends that are living in the same chapter of life you are. There’s an unspoken understanding of the chaos around us.
We played a game called True Colors that I thought was pretty fun while the babies slept and kids watched a movie.

We got home late on Friday night and as I headed to bed I was thinking about the Saturday ahead of doing nothing.
Saturday came and so did a phone call from Tawni asking if we wanted to meet them at the Santa Ana Zoo. So Justin and I decided “why not?”

We met the Webster’s at the zoo and had a great time! We got a season pass since it was $30 for one day or $60 for a year. Since they have a park there I can guarantee this pass will be well used by Justin for his sanity during the week. It’s a nice small zoo which is perfect for the kids! They get to see everything and get just tired enough that they nap well (fingers crossed).

We headed back to our house and kids napped. We played a game and just sort of talked most of the night. Here comes the part where I “say it again”. There is something very nice about just relaxing with people who are in the same place you are. I told Justin later that night how much I enjoyed just doing “nothing” with the Webster’s that night (sorry if I we came across as boring though…that is Justin’s worry).

I tried a new recipe for meatloaf that I didn’t hate (that’s a triumphant event on my part), but I think it could have been better. After dinner the guys played a game (side by side – how cute) and the girls tackled the task of the kid’s hair. Elijah is the only one that made it out without a trim/cut.
We took the trimmer to the boy’s hair. Nate’s came out shorter then we thought which makes him look a lot more like Sammy I think. Jordan’s also came shorter then we planned – I blame her massive wiggling, but I’m glad she wiggled! It looks REALLY cute and I know I wouldn’t have done it that short intentionally. It totally fits her personality too! Little miss Sassy for sure. She also looks even more like her “twin” Sydney.

What a great – busy weekend we had! And aligned with that theme, on Sunday….
…we rested.

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