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Monday, July 23, 2012

6 and 200

So I had every intention to get this blog written yesterday on our actual anniversary, but the enormous amount of housework I had to get done got in the way (totally my fault for procrastinating of course).

Last weekend was my dad-in-law’s birthday dinner and my sis-in-law was there, naturally.

She designs shoes for a living for cool companies (She actually designed the ENTIRE shoe line for American Rag at Macy’s!!!!).  Part of this job is to spend an exorbitant amount of time in China.  The combination of this and what I assume are my usually good looking children persuaded her to take them overnight while she had the chance.

The time she chose to take them happened to be our anniversary weekend which I find awesome.

After gymnastics/ballet class for the girls she picked them up.  From what I gather from the girls they played outside, had a light bath (aka bath rave), got to sleep on the floor, and broke Aunt Genny’s mirror.

If you look at that list and think not all of that seems like a good time you are right.  Breaking the mirror was not, but everything else, including sleeping on the floor were highlights of the kids day/night with Aunt Genny. 
While the girls were out Justin and I enjoyed the quiet and Elijah enjoyed being the only child.  Although he would randomly run through the house calling for them.  Eli gussied up and the 3 of us went out to dinner for our 6th anniversary.

We didn’t get to sleep in ::sigh:: since Justin had worship practice early on Sunday morning and I ended up staying home to do the aforementioned housework and rest what I could (been feeling icky lately).

So pretend this was posted yesterday…

Happy 6th anniversary Justin! 

Thank you for being husband and best friend.  Thank you for making me laugh at your ridiculous humor (mostly just laughing at you for the record).  Thank you for taking care of our kids every day.  Thank you for finding the time and energy to serve me.  Thank you for keeping me lovingly accountable and putting up with my insane ideas and plans.

A lot has happened in the last 6 years.  We’ve grown.  We’ve cried (mostly me, lets me honest).  We’ve yelled.  We’ve laughed – a lot.  Let’s get this next year started!

On a side note – this is my 200TH POST!

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