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Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday Festivities

I usually write my blogs during my break/lunch at work…sometimes I pound out several blogs all at once and just save them to post later so you don’t have 50 of them at once (I’m exaggerating slightly).

I will actually probably end up doing that very thing today.  I kept meaning to jump on the computer the last few days since so much has happened.  I did a pretty good job at getting pictures even!!

I had a brief conversation with my hubby about my blogging plans and decided it would be a much easier read to split things up.  So that’s what you’ll get.  So I’ll give you Friday.

To tell you about Friday I must first mention Wednesday.  You see I need to bake a cake for Friday, and seeing as how the only time I would have to do it would be Wednesday, that’s what I did.  However, the icing and I did not get along and I was rather disappointed in the final result and will probably just stick to buying icing instead of making it.

So Friday came around and after work I headed to Jamie’s amazing house to set things up for a party.  I’m not exactly sure what to call this party.  It was a “bridal shower” for a vow renewal.  I could spend some time thinking of a witty nick name for this even, but I’m running low on creative juices this morn.

Jamie made a super awesome spread with the world’s best pasta salad, meatballs, strawberries, chips and dip and skewers with tomato and mozzarella.  We sat around and just enjoyed each other and the food.  We played a couple of fun games and were able to give Christina (the “Bride Again”) a gift with a gift card for her and Jeff (the “Groom Again”) to go out on a date and a gift pack of her favorite Philosophy product.

It was a great night with friends and all kids of food and love.  Thank you all for joining us to make this night special for somebody so dear to us all: Jamie, Neya, Aime, Candace, Lynne, and Kirstie.

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