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Friday, July 20, 2012

GOM and the Loose Tooth Girl in My House

There were a few things I wanted to blog about and I couldn’t decide which it would be.  So lucky you, you get all of them!  I’m sorry, please say we can still be friends…

1. The Grumpy Old Man (GOM)

There is this old bald man who rides around Anaheim in his electric scooter/wheelchair who I am pretty sure wants to end his life.  Our story starts on Monday when I was heading to the grocery store.  I was about to turn right at a green light and at the corner of my eye I saw GOM.  I assumed he would stop since it was green for me and a red hand (on the crossing signal) for him.  I was mistaken. I slammed on my brakes in time to barely miss him and got flipped off of course…

A minute later once I was in the parking area of the grocery store I was heading to I was turning into a parking spot when right between two cars GOM comes rolling out in front of my car.  I barely miss him again and this time his gratitude is shown by saying “Are you trying to kill me?!”  In my head I said “Are you trying to get killed?!”

In the store I heard him rudely yell at an employee that she needs to help him shop since he can’t reach things.  I’m all for helping him, but don’t be a jerk about it.  People are not obligated to help you GOM.  While in the store Jordan (3 years old – keep this in mind) is helping me push the kart and unfortunately as I turned to get something she pushed it right into him.  I grabbed her and told her to apologize right away and that she needed to be more careful.  His cheery response? “Get your f’in daughter under control”

Then a couple days ago while driving home I saw him again…flipping of cars as he rode across an intersection where cross traffic had the green light…he was literally holding up traffic for everyone that was trying to get out of Disneyland when they had the light to go.

I’m pretty sure he wants to die

2. The Girl In My House

There is a story to tell here.  I just don’t know what it is.  All I know is my hubby decided to send me a facebook message after I was in bed that says:

did you realise that you tagged my dad in a couple of the 4th of july pics instead of rob webster? and also a girl jsut walked into our house today around 2 and i forgot to tell you about it but didn't wanna forget again so you get a message”

Ignore the massive typos. That is exactly what he typed.  Now he won’t answer his phone and I don’t know why there was a girl in my house.

3. The Loose Tooth

I know I should probably wait until her tooth actually falls out to get excited, but I can’t help it!  Taylor is losing her first tooth!  Here is how it went down.

::Taylor takes a bite of cookie::
Taylor: ::scream:: Mommy my tooth is broke!
Me: What happened?
Taylor: Its all wiggly
Me: Yay your first tooth is loose! You're going to get grown up teeth
Taylor: ::starts crying:: I don't want big fat teeth

In her very drama queen fashion she has also decided that she can’t eat “ever again”.

I’m excited that my first kid is losing her first tooth.  Not so excited that my first kid happens to be the most dramatic human being I know (excluding myself – I mean my parents gave me the nickname Scarlet O’hara for a reason when I was growing up…I’ve grown out of it I think)

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