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Thursday, July 19, 2012

FIRE! Death! And Torment…

So this blog is actually not related to any of the above mentioned, but I noticed something lately.

I’m a number nerd and I average around 20 readers per blog I post (thank you facebook).  If I don’t post it to facebook I get about 3 (thanks to you 3).  However, when I post a blog with a title that has some traumatizing word in it my readers shoot up to 40-50! 

That being said I must apologize for toying with your emotions.  I may never do it again…I said “may”.

I just spent 30 minutes at working testing something that involves me focusing on my computer screen without being allowed to distract myself with something that takes away that focus.  So what do I do?  I log into Blogger of course and find some random blog to start reading.  And then I find Kalli.

I like Kalli.

Kalli reminds me of who I think I am.  As I read how she writes and the things she writes about I think “hey, we’re pretty similar”…then I think further… and began wondering “are we?”

There is something about 3 kids ages 5 and under that suck some fun out of you.  I found myself thinking about the random weird person I was 6 years ago and how she progressively may be turning into an old maid.  You know when you play Old Maid and you see that wrinkly old face smiling at you and think “dang I might lose!”.  I’d rather not be that wrinkly old face. 

I’m not wrinkly…I’m ::pauses to remember age – seriously I had to think about it:: 27 but my personality is “over the hill”.

That’s just depressing.  I want my fun back.

So this is me attempting to encourage myself to be fun again.  I think that involves ignoring the housework tonight and buying dinner so I don’t have to cook.  That sounds like a good start.

I also the kids and I are having a dance party tonight.

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