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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Wrath of a Red Head

It’s just one of those days.  Anyone in my earshot (or arms reach for that matter) should be warned.

I got splendid news this morning.  By splendid I really completely un-splendid.  To avoid giving you information you have no desire to learn I will express how it went with a metaphorical story.  Note: I am really excited to just find out metaphorical is in fact a word and that I spelled it correctly.

It was June 2011.   A young woman walks into target with her new comforter in tow to find out why it falls apart every time she tries to use it.  The woman behind the counter explains it was poorly designed and the only way to get it to work is to hand stitch all the seams back together.

Since this is the only comforter she has and must make it work for the sake of her freezing family at home.  She goes home and that night stays up all night without sleep to hand stitch all the seams (it’s a GIANT comforter).

Now it’s July 2012.  As one of her kids nestles into the blanket and a shiver runs down her spine.  How is she cold?  The blanket should be working – Mom fixed it.  She tells her mom about the situation and so the woman heads back to Target for answers.  The Target employee looks over the blanket for awhile and tells her that for the blanket to stay together AND keep somebody warm she has to only have 1 stitch and not a double stitch, and use glue that will hold the fabric together.

The woman then takes the blanket home and by hand un stitches each of the stitches she had done a year ago.  During that year she had added onto the blanket to cover her growing family. She had to go back and glue each of these sections together as well. She was not a happy camper.

So there friends is my day.  I spent a long time getting something done to find out a year later that doing that broke something else so I have to undo what I did and now do an extra step to make everything happy.

Lame…very lame.

So why has this gotten me such a horrible mood today? I’m not sure.  It’s frustrating, but it shouldn’t be THIS frustrating.  But apparently it was enough for whatever reason to turn me into a ball of frustration and irritability.

So beware what you say to me or how you look at me or you may experience the unjustified wrath of a red head.  Please accept my apology ahead of time (especially my hubby who will probably get it a few times tonight for no reason at all).

You've been warned.

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