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Monday, July 23, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #31

Brittany M where do the voices on the radio come from? 

Taylor: The voices in the radio come from shows.  Then you hear the sound then you listen to the music on the show, but if you watch a show and its the same voice as the radio that's a match.

Jordan: Um the voices on the radio come from the people radio and they get louder and louder like their mom.  That's how it happens.

what is your favorite book?

Taylor: My favorite book is, I'll go get my favorite book so I can show you ::runs to room and brings back There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" and starts singing it to me::

Jordan: My favorite book a Tinker Bell book.

what are ice cubes made of? 

Taylor: Its made of water.  And then it gets frozen and turns into ice.  Ice is slippery too.  I think its made by spiders.

Jordan: Ice cubes made of water.

who spends more time on the computer, mom or dad? 

Taylor: Daddy.

Jordan: Um Mommy.  You always take daddy's keys from him.  But now daddy has to give your keys back to you.  So why did you change your keys so that your keys are daddy's keys? (I have no idea what she's talking about)

what are people made of? 

Taylor: People are made out of skin.

Jordan: People made of keys.

how many people are there in the world? in your city? 

Taylor: 100,000

Jordan: People are in the world is princess and boys. ::mumble::
Me: What did you say?
Jordan: I didn't say anything to you I'm just talking to myself.

what is your favorite color?

Taylor: My favorite color is any color I want.  Like America and stuff.

Jordan: My favorite color is pink and purple and green and yellow.  All my colors.  And your favorite color is blue and Taylor's favorite color is red too.  And Taylor's favorite color is any thing you like and white and black.

how to plants grow? 

Taylor: Plants grow with water, seeds, and but you have to use a bug spray for a bug tree.  So you have to get your net and swing it around and the bugs go away.

Jordan: Plants grow when some people put water on the plants.

chocolate or vanilla?

Taylor: We can do chocolate or vanilla or strawberry.

Jordan: Um Banilla and chocolate too and banilla.

Jennifer Baker where is your favorite place to go to? 

Taylor:  My favorite place to go is, lets see...Boomers and Disneyland.  Not Old Mc Donalds.

Jordan: Um, my favorite place to go is drink.

How many animals where there on Noah's Ark? 

Taylor: I think it was 100 and a zillion.

Jordan: Um its a monkey.

Do you like to color or paint ? 

Taylor: Paint.

Jordan: Um I like to paint not color.

Do you have a favorite chore?

Taylor: My favorite job is cleaning up the floor.

Jordan: My favorite job in the house is cleaning up.

Anelya Hardson If you could make the raindrops a color what color would you choose?

Taylor: Any color I want.

Jordan: Um they would be pink.

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