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Monday, July 16, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #30

Brittany M - what makes a person mean

Taylor: Hmm, A person that is mean that when they are not being really nice to you

Jordan: A person is mean when hurt somebody's feelings

Brittany M - what do mommy and daddy do for fun

Taylor: Um, you guys play games together.

Jordan: Mommy and daddy do for fun is let us eat yogurt.

Brittany M - what do mommy and daddy do when youre in bed

Taylor: Watch bad movies

Jordan: Mommy and daddy do when we're in bed is eat cookies

Brittany M - what does 5 times 5 equal

Taylor: 5 times 5 equals a miracle?

Jordan: 5 times 5 equal is um... I don't know... yogurt?

Brittany M - what is your favorite kind of popsicale? 

Taylor: Red white and blue where the middle is white and the very top is red

Jordan: My favorite kind of Popsicle is the kind with red and white.

Brittany M  - who spoils you more, grandmas or grandpas

Taylor: Grandma AND grandpa

Jordan: Grandma

Robert R Davis - How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Taylor: less the 5

Jordan: He'll chop wood like an alligator

Robert R Davis - Why did the chicken cross the road?

Taylor: I don't know why?...Mom, why?
Me: It's not a joke its a question
Taylor: Oh, then its because he needed to cross the street!

Jordan: Because he fell on the goose head.

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  1. I LOVE Jordan's answers! I have got to meet that little girl!