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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There's Something About Brinner

Last night was “cooking night” which Justin has deemed baking night.  The girls and I usually bake something after dinner, but last night I decided the girls would help me make dinner instead.

Taylor’s favorite meal is breakfast.  Anything breakfast really and she eats twice as much as anyone else in our house (except for Justin – I’m pretty sure he may like breakfast as much as she does).  Most nights when I ask the kids what they want for dinner Taylor will shout “Breakfast!”  No matter where she is in the house…really.  I’ll be in the living room and say “Jordan what do you want for dinner” then I hear thumping as Taylor comes running from her room with a giant grin on her face “Breakfast!”

So on the way home yesterday I stopped by the 99 cent store to get a loaf of the big thick Texas Toast and basket of strawberries (what happened to the good old days when they came in the cute green baskets???)

When I got home I gave Taylor a very important job.  I told her it was a big girl job so she had to be a big girl.  I handed her the cutting board and strawberries and showed her how to use a butter knife to cut off the tops then cut the strawberries into quarters.  She was very proud of herself and every other slice of strawberry also involved her stuffing a piece in her mouth “I don’t think this one is pretty, I should eat it”.

Jordan helped me get gooey hands and dip the bread in eggs for the French Toast.  I held her hand as we flipped over the bread slice together and then she set the table for us while I cooked the cheesy scrambled eggs.  I would also like to point out they were VERY cheesy eggs since I gave Jordan the job of adding cheese as I walked away to get the butter so in a very Jordan like fashion (she loves cheese) she dumped almost the whole bag of cheese in.

We then enjoyed our Brinner (which always reminds me of Turk from Scrubs) of French Toast topped with oddly shaped strawberries and super cheesy scrambled eggs.  I had a great time cooking with the girls and of course I failed at getting any pictures.  So instead you get this picture from last Christmas where we got our Aprons which inspired the cooking night to begin with.

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