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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The True Story of the Girl

I told you awhile ago about the “girl in my house” and how Justin left me a message to remind him to tell me the story about how a girl just walked into our house.

I now have the 411.

This all starts several weeks ago.  Around 10 PM on most nights a young girl (maybe 3) wanders up to our patio and plays in the kids play house and kitchen center outside our window.  At first we were wondering why we were hearing noises outside and then realized it was a little girl and we don’t mind.  She plays quietly and she’s having fun.

After about 30 minutes usually a woman (we assumed was her mother) comes and gets her.

Apparently this same girl took it upon herself to just walk into our house one afternoon during nap time.  We assume it was to play with our kids.  Justin (who was adorned in a pair of boxers since it was hot and the kids were sleeping) looked at the girl and told her it was nap time and she should leave.  She just stood there and looked at him.  So awkwardly (remember only wearing boxes) he had to literally push her out the front door.

He told me the story and although quite funny I was concerned people might accuse him of something inappropriate if they see him escorting a 3 year old out of our house in nothing but underwear.

I told him he should probably try to find her parents next time it happens and let them know what’s going on.

So a couple days later while we (Justin, Me, Travis, and Sam) sat around playing a game again this little girl walks in.  I walk over to her and ask her where her mom is (wrong question to ask – I know this now) and she stares at me blankly. I have to push her out side…really push her to get her to move and ask her again where her mom is.  Remember a woman is usually the one that comes to get her and our assumption is that it’s her mom.  I grab her hand and almost have to drag her down the stairs to look around for her mom.  A woman across the way looks at me and I ask if she knows where the little girl lives.  Here’s how it went down:

Woman: Oh that’s my brother’s daughter
Me: Oh, well she keeps walking into our front door
Woman: Oh, yeah, she does that
Me: We don’t mind if she wants to play, we just didn’t want you guys to worry where she was and my husband is home alone all day with the kids and I don’t think is appropriate for her to be over alone when I’m not home.
Woman: Sure, yeah we tell her not to do it, but she keeps on doing it ::as we’re talking the little girl begins to wander down the street:: Her mom had her the last few years but she was never home.  She’d just leave her alone all day.  She can’t even really talk and she doesn’t know any rules.
Me: Oh, wow, sorry.  We are totally ok if she wants to play I just wanted you guys to know where she was.
Woman: Yeah, ok
Me: Well, I’m going to go back in.  If she comes back over its fine with us
Woman: ::Looks around:: where’d she go?
Me: Down the street
Woman: Oh $@#* ::runs down the street::

So yeah…poor little girl. The worst part is the house she’s living in now is the apartment that has at least 4 adults and 4 kids…all the kids cuss, steal, and break things (ages 3-16).  She’s gone from living in a home where she was being neglected to living in a home with no rules.

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