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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Stuff Takith Over

I wonder if it’s just me…really is it just me?

We’ve been in our apartment now for a little over a year and its starting to feel very cluttered to me.  At first the transition was pretty easy.  Going from a 1 bedroom garage converted into a house to a 3 bedroom apartment.  We had lots of space and barely enough stuff to fill it up.

Now, however, the clutter is becoming a little overwhelming.  I hate clutter.  I hate seeing a stack of papers…even if he stack is neat.  I much rather it be in a drawer.  I’d be happy if we had wall to wall shelves with tons of boxes full of clutter.  If the clutter is in the boxes at least I don’t see it.

But luxurious shelves we do not have.  Instead we stacks of things everywhere.  Organized stacks, but still stacks.

I’ve had this plan brewing in my head for a couple of weeks now.  The plan started a couple of weeks ago.

So we have a Wii.  Our Wii died.  Nintendo would refurbish it for like $90 and it would renew the warranty, but since the new Wii is coming we figured we could do without one for awhile and see how much the new one costs.

A couple of weeks ago a woman at work was selling a Wii for $125.  It came with controllers, extra accessories (even a Wii Fit Board) and about 15 games.  Some of the games we already had so I posted the duplicates on Amazon and they sold within a couple of hours (most of them at least).

There is something satisfying about getting rid of stuff and getting paid for it.  I want to get rid of more stuff.

I’d like to start going through my stacks of stuff and clutter and get rid of it.  In some instances I can probably even sell it.

The problem is I have to convince my husband this is a good idea.  While I hate stuff and would love to get rid of it my dear husband can’t get rid of anything.  Seriously...anything.  I could go into an entire rant on that but seeing as how we just celebrated our anniversary and that he is going to read this I’ll save it for another day (Love  you babe).  It will come. And on that day, Justin, you can try to defend yourself :)

So I think I will take some time every night for the next week or so and start plowing through stuff to get rid of.  I also think a trip to Ikea or Target will be in order to get containers or shelves to hide the stuff we keep. Wish me luck!

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