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Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Things I Love

I recently gave you 10 things that bother me, so in my attempt to have a well balanced life I should give you 10 things I love.  
  1. Horchata – Probably one of the best drinks in existence.
  2. Snow Cones – Life is always better with a snow cone (except for cherry, lime, grape, or orange)
  3. Brian Regan – Have you heard of him? Go to youtube and watch him, you will not be sorry… no really go now.  I’ll wait. (Since I know you’ve watched it now I’m sure you appreciate my above reference to grape snow cones – see #2)
  4. Scalding Hot Showers – Even in the middle of summer I like my showers practically melting my skin off.
  5. Melon Madness – It’s a drink at Juice it Up (far superior to Jamba Juice since Jamba Juice does not have a watermelon drink). 
  6. Free Stuff – I like doing secret shops because I like getting stuff for free.  Free Lunch? Free Oil Change? Yes please.
  7. Hosting Parties – I love to create ideas and entertain people.  Although my house is too small and there is no parking and we don’t have money to do things I’d like to do.  I still enjoy and someday when I have all of the above things I will feel less guilty about throwing parties (If you’ve had to park at my house and sit in it during one of my “parties” you know why I feel guilty.  Sorry for the inconvenience friends, but thank for tolerating it and still coming)
  8. My Friends – My friends are far superior then your friends…unless they are the same people.  And if they are the same people, I probably love them more then you.  But seriously… I probably do.
  9. Pictures of my kids – I think my kids are cute even with their big ears and awkward smiles.  I’d have my entire cubicle covered in those gorgeous faces if it wasn’t just a little bit creepy to do so. Sometimes pictures are much nicer then the actual thing… as one of the best bands of all times puts it “You’re much nicer on Kodak Paper…you’re always smiling at me”.  I tried to find the song for you, but it is not on youtube.  Sad day, but you should totally try to look it up!  Great song called “The Girl in Your Pictures” or just go buy the CD if it’s still out there.
  10. Skypark (See #9) – They are/were great.  I love/loved them.  You should buy all of their CDs and love them too (if they still make them).  If not you should then buy all of Tyrone Wells’ CDs since he was the lead singer of Skypark and he’s also awesome. 

So I also figured what better way to celebrate the things I love then to give one of you lucky readers (all 20 of you) a chance to win something related to one of my favorite things. 

The Rules: (I also like rules – I’m a rule follower not a rule breaker)

  • “Follow” me by clicking “Join this Site” on the right side of my blog (it’s a blue button and if you already follow me then you are half way there!)
  • Leave a comment below with one of your favorite things of all times (Only 1 comment or you will be disqualified)
  • If you share this with a friend and they do the same thing have them put your name in the comment and there's an extra chance for you to win (I'll count that as a 2nd entry for you - but them must complete all the steps for it to count)!!
I will pick a winner at random in the next few days to win a prize package related to my favorite things.  Note: I will not be giving you #8 because they are mine and I refuse to share them.

Good Luck and Happy Friday!


  1. My favorite things of all time are my nephews (2) necies (1), God Children (5) and all of my other necies and npehews (my friends kids that call me Aunt Jen) these children bring me such happiness and God has blessed me by letting me be part of their little lives :)

  2. my dog... i was never lucky enough to have children.. she's the closest thing i will ever have.. and is she one spoilt child lol

  3. One of my all-time favorite things is plain ol' vanilla ice cream. No toppings, nothing fancy, and followed by a glass of ice water. Mmmmmmm I just might have some for lunch :)

  4. One of my favorite things is the sound of a bunch of people singing. Be it a choir, adorable children, regular folks at church... whoever... whenever... people singing together is lovely!

  5. One of my all time favorite things is being a mom. Though at times I get stressed and wanna hide under my blankets for a day, I am so blessed.