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Monday, December 9, 2013

4 Days To Go

1.       When your mom convinces you to buy a 7 foot tree (which is stunning and perfect) instead of a 6 foot tree it is good to remember that the Christmas tree stand you own only holds up a 6 foot tree.  If you forget this then you will see your whole decorated tree topple over and need to redecorate your whole tree.

2.       I really like making my bazillion batches of Christmas cookies every year.  I hope they actually taste good and people aren’t just being nice and pretending.  I want you to enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy baking them.

3.       Christmas Tree trimmings and a rain boots make for hours of entertainment (and cleanup).  The kids made mini Christmas trees with the cut off branches by shoving them in their rain boots, decorating them, and placing them around the house on tables.

4.       In order to decorate the aforementioned mini Christmas Trees the kids first removed several (like 30) ornaments from the actual Christmas Tree… so we got to decorate our tree a 3rd time…all in 1 day.

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