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Thursday, December 5, 2013

6 Days To Go

1.       HoliDavis is coming and that makes my heart VERY happy.

2.       I had a coworker several years ago that thought little baby butts were super adorable (I mean seriously they are)…so I thought it was a good idea to google “Baby Butts” while at work to send her a cute pic…the results were butts alright…but not the butts of the type of “baby” I meant.  I’m surprised I didn’t get fired.

3.       In theme with #2(pun not intended) I think it’s the cutest thing to see Elijah’s little bottom in the morning as he stands like a big boy to pee.  He’s so grown up.

4.       I can’t stop eating.  Like I am pretty sure I have not felt “full” in like a week.  I also can’t stop peeing.  So much food.  So much Pee.  And I know those things are not related.

5.       FYI this will be WAY to much information for some of you so skip over it if you don’t want to hear about my bodily functions.  When I get nervous my belly gets upset.  When my belly gets upset I usually need to poop.  Every night as I prep my needle and stare at that 1 ½ inch long needle (or needles) I get nervous…and always have to go to the bathroom right before my injection.

6.       90% of the time I sit while I shower.  Not because I’m lazy (well maybe because I’m lazy), but I just like to sit there for a few minutes and let the water hit my back…its relaxing.  Like a mini massage of deliciously hot water.  And if I’m sitting I feel that more water is hitting a larger area of my body.

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