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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Once There Was 2

There are so many fun and cool things I want to share with you guys, but honestly I don't have the energy or time right now so I figure this is probably what you guys want to know about most. 

I went home early from work on Friday just feeling sort of icky.  I had been feeling pretty nauseas for 2 days at that point, but still able to eat.  My last “meal” was Friday night and I had to force myself to eat.

By the time I woke up on Saturday I felt miserable.  I was severely nauseous and couldn’t manage to eat much of anything.  I was able to force feed myself a few things gagging and chocking on every bite as I made myself swallow.  Fun… 

Luckily I didn’t actually throw up any of the food I managed to get down me.  Taylor came down with the flu that night so I stayed home with her on Sunday. 

By then she was feeling back to normal, but I still could not get myself to really eat.  Justin brought me home a smoothie which I hoped would help.  It did not.  

At this point I began to worry.  It had been 2 days of dry heaving and very little food.  That couldn’t be good for the baby(ies).  I called in sick on Monday and called the doctor to see if they could prescribe anything for the nausea (I got Zofran…and it’s not really helping).  Shortly after talking to a nurse (who was going to check on prescription) I began to bleed.  More than “spotting” which raised a red flag for me. 

I called the doctor back and they scheduled an appointment for me on Monday afternoon.

We did an early ultrasound and found this: 

That is a picture of 2 babies.  The doctor told me that was most likely the cause of my severe nausea.  He began to look at the babies more closely. 

Baby 1:  She was the correct size for where I was in my pregnancy with a strong heartbeat and seemed to be doing ok despite my lack of food. 

Baby 2: She was smaller than baby 1 which is “possible” with IVF (implant on different days), but not that common or likely.  She did not have a heartbeat. Which could be because she was just not as far along as baby 1, but again, not likely.  The most likely scenario was that I was/am miscarrying baby 2, but this is not a for sure thing.   

I have another ultra sound on Monday 12/30 to see for sure what is going on with the babies.

In the meantime I have still been rather miserable.

Prayer Requests:

·         That the nausea subsides so I can function like a normal person (I haven’t been able to do ANYthing since Friday)

·         That Baby 1 stays safe regardless of what is going on with Baby 2

·         That if I am miscarrying Baby 2 that my body does what it needs to do quickly and if I am not miscarrying Baby 2 that my body gets the right nutrients to the baby ASAP.

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